Alyssa W

Teacher / Student

Why do you love the Modo community?

I love Modo because it is the first yoga studio I have been a part of where I feel a true sense of community and I can be myself. Since joining Modo, I have grown not just in my yoga practice but in my personal life as well. The members and teachers push me to work harder and become stronger, which carries over in my daily life.

Why do you teach yoga?

People come to group fitness classes for a multitude of reasons: to release stress, to reach a goal weight, to improve their health, etc. I want to provide a class that meets people where they are at each day, one that is challenging but encouraging, and to support each person that walks in the door so they leave feeling a little bit better than they did when they arrived.

What yoga certifications do you have?

I am certified in Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates, Barre, HIIT and Yoga Sculpt.

If you were an animal, what would it be?

Definitely a giraffe because I would like to see what it would be like to be so tall!

You have one day completely to yourself in Columbus.  What do you do?

I would start the day off at South of Lane for breakfast. Then I would go wander around German Village, popping into all the local shops! After that, I would go to lunch at Northstar because there is no such thing as a bad meal there. After lunch I would stop by Stauf’s to grab a cup of coffee and read a book for a little bit. I would make sure to hit up Modo for a yoga class in the hot room in the afternoon and would end my day at Balboa in Grandview on their porch eating great food and drinking a margarita (or two).

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?

I love Dancer’s pose because it takes a great deal of strength, balance and concentration. And I just love the way people express themselves differently in that pose!

You can only eat at one Columbus restaurant for the rest of your life.  What is it?

Hands down, Northstar.