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Yin Yoga + Essential Oils-Diffuser Blends for Yogi’s

An afternoon of Yin Yoga + Essential Oils

Practice Yin Yoga and learn to craft your own custom essential oil blends to support your practice. One of the most joyful aspects of yoga for many practitioners is the way yoga enhances the intuition and the senses. After practicing, a yogi may more acutely perceive the world around him/her. One way to enhance the heightened physical awareness is to compliment our experience with fragrance.

Learn how to set the mood for your practice in this two hour workshop featuring  a full hour of Yin Yoga accompanied by diffuser blends followed by a short tutorial on how to tailor your very own blends to support the intentions of your practice. 

$30 for members | $35 for the greater community


Sunday, April 22 to Sunday, April 22
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Modo Yoga Columbus