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We are a Positive Space

We are a positive space Something gets mentioned to us every so often.  Even more lately.  A student will tell a team member they wish we “would talk more about the Seven Pillars.” Simultaneously, it seems like there’s a lot of stress surrounding us as a society.  Stress as a human race, stress in our… More details


December Karma Partner Mid-Ohio Foodbank

December Karma Partner Mid-Ohio Foodbank   Tis’ the season at Modo Yoga!  While we look forward to celebrating the holidays in full force at the studio and throughout the Columbus community, we know there are a number of people out there who wonder where their next meal is coming from.  At Modo we believe no… More details


Gratitude is a Frame of Mind (aka #GiveThanks)

Gratitude is a Frame of Mind When I decided to write this month’s blog post I was set to let everyone know how fulfilling a gratitude practice can be, how reading The Magic changed my relationship to thankfulness and that in turn, really, actually, honest to goodness, changed my life. This was the plan along with… More details


Listen to Your Yoga Teacher

Listen to Your Yoga Teacher by Joanna Thurlow (Moksha Yoga Halifax) Have you ever taken a yoga class in which the teacher teaches something really new and fun – a different variation on a standard pose, for example – that fires you up and gets you excited, and you can’t wait to do it again… More details