EKM Teacher


Elizabeth began practicing yoga in 2005 while she was completing a very demanding full-time MBA program. She was also suffering from an array of health issues including insomnia, intense stress, sciatica, and extreme environmental allergies, among a few other problems. After only ONE yoga class relieved her intense back pain for almost a week AND she slept through the night, she was hooked and never looked back! Making more and more time for yoga as the program progressed Elizabeth rocked out a 30 day challenge in April of her second year right before graduating amid studying, finals, interviews, and house hunting.

In the years since she moved multiple times for work always seeking out a studio, joining the community, and taking classes weekly. In Fall 2010 she moved to Cincinnati Ohio and found a Modo studio down the street from her apartment (it was one of the first, ever Modo studios to open in the U.S.) and after a couple more years of practice Elizabeth completed the initial Modo Yoga teacher training in 2012.

Since then she studied and trained in a variety of yoga styles, options, and disciplines from Ashtanga to Street Yoga. She weaves all she’s done and continuously learnsĀ into a teaching style that draws students in for its down to earth and straight forward nature, making yoga accessible, understandable, and challenging to any person in any physical condition.

Elizabeth firmly believes everyone can benefit from yoga and that yoga will change the world. When she’s not sweating in the yoga studio or playing on a Yoga Wheel, Elizabeth prefers to be on the water paddle boarding, cooking vegetarian food, making playlists for class that will get you moving, exploring the world by traveling, enjoying wine, searching for the best pizza in Columbus, attending community events, eating local food, exploring local art, and going to concerts.