Dave discovered yoga when Modo Minneapolis opened in May, 2011. Coming from an active athletic background, previous injuries limited Dave’s ability to engage in certain sports. After practicing yoga consistently for 5 months, many of these chronic limitations disappeared. In addition to the physical benefits, Dave realized Modo’s Pillars were in complete sync with his life approach.  To quote Dave: “There are 4 qualities yoga teachers seem to have.  I have all but 3 of them: I’m not young, I’m not buff, I’m not female, but I am passionate.“  Enjoy Dave’s gentle style as he uses experience, humor, and wisdom to guide you through the Modo series.
Dave is embarking on a parallel journey. He is well into the process of writing a book in response to his journey into yoga from the perspective of a Christian.  Dave explores the relationship between Christianity and yoga by asking the question, “Can you practice yoga and still be a Christian?”  Consider the thoughts of 13th century poet Rumi, ‘out beyond our ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.’ Perhaps these two perspectives can find a life-giving middle ground.  Perhaps this middle ground would enable many Christian newcomers to participate in a productive activity or lifestyle they would otherwise miss and, at the same time, grant yoga a broader exposure, bringing more public awareness of their lifestyle.  Perhaps purist yogis might be enlightened by the love of Jesus in a new way because our fellow brethren participated in this yoga practice. Perhaps it is worth it for these two perspectives to speak life into one another and, in good conscience, answer ‘yes’ to the preceding question. (Taken from the Introduction of The Bottom Turtle: A Christian’s Guide to Yoga)