Corey Teacher


Corey fell in love with yoga in Chicago, in a hot room, during the frigid winter of 2011.

She quickly noticed the physical and mental benefits of the practice. After practicing for a few years, she decided to deepen her practice by going through a 200 hour teacher training in 2014. Though she didn’t know if she would actually teach after completing training, she went through with it to share and spread what she had learned. Through training Corey also gained a sense of community that turned out to be as valuable as any of the other benefits.

After six years in Chicago, she moved back to her hometown of Columbus, OH to be closer to family. Corey found Modo in October of 2015 and was immediately hooked! Not only did she love the practice, but immediately found a sense of community she had not found anywhere else. She loves hot yoga, and more than that she loves the sense of discipline the practice brings, the physical and mental benefits, and also the wonderful sense of community Modo and the Modo Seven Pillars offer.

Around the same time she decided to officially leave the finance world behind her, follow her dream, and go to MModo Teacher Training in Nicaragua. Through that month long experience, she furthered her knowledge as a teacher and a student, and also met unbelievable people while learning much about herself. Hands down it turned into one of the best experiences, ever!

Outside of the hot room and Modo, you can find her running her dog Louis, enjoying wine, spending time outdoors and  with her family.