Chad Teacher


For his entire life, Chad searched for a workout he enjoyed (other than golf) that would not give rise to his chronic low back pain.  Initially hesitant to give yoga a try because “dudes didn’t do yoga,” in January 2013 he stepped into the Modo Yoga Cincinnati’s hot room for the first time.  While he hated every second of his first class, he left feeling refreshed and feeling much better than he had in some time.  After his second class at the studio a week later – and the “life changing removal” of an all too sweaty shirt in class – Chad bought a membership and never looked back.

Chad is inspired by the students each and every day, and hopes to instill similar change in students’ lives that he experienced through his practice.  While he initially looked at his yoga practice as a way to get into shape, he quickly realized it is so much more than that.

When Chad stepped into his first class, he was an extremely unhappy person.  Unfulfilled professionally and personally in every imaginable way, the sense of purpose and calm he felt both during and after he practiced made him want to make yoga his life. The practice gave him a purpose and direction he had lacked all his life.  While the practice started him down this path, the community at Modo kept bringing him back to his mat.  So in 2014 Chad traveled to Kelowna, BC for his Level One Teacher Training, and moved back to open Modo Yoga in his hometown.

If he’s not at the studio with one of the MoYo mascots Midge, you can usually find Chad on the golf course, taking in a movie or live show, or out and about exploring all the places to experience, eat, and drink in Columbus.